University of Guyana Entrance Examination

Eligibility: You must be 26 years and older to write the UGEE
  • Have work experience in the required field

Scenario 1 – I do not have a current application online

  1. This candidate will first have to be at 26 years and older.
  2. Then the candidate will need to follow the “How to Apply” steps and submit an online application for the UGEE.
  3. The UGEE will be the programme option they will select.
  4. They will need to successfully submit the application and thereafter download and print the Certificate of Declaration.
  5. The Certificate of Declaration will have the programme cost listed there and this document needs to be used when the Applicant makes the payment for the Examination.
  6. The proof of payment will then need to be sent via email to and

Scenario 2 – I already have an application online for a programme (s)

  1. The applicant can return to the “Programme Selection” tab on their current online application form and select the tab “Click to add UGEE as a selected programme”
  2. This will cause the UGEE to be added as an additional programme option on their application.
  3. The Applicant can then proceed to reprint the Certificate of Declaration and then proceed to make the payment for the Examination.
  4. The proof of payment will then need to be sent via email to and

The Tutorials and Examination will be held in three separate sessions:

First sitting

  • Tutorial dates: Aug 16 -27, 2021
  • Examination dates: Sep 6 – 10, 2021

Second sitting

  • Tutorial dates: Sep 20 – Oct 1, 2021
  • EExamination dates: Oct 11 – 15, 2021/li>

Third sitting

  • Tutorial dates: TBA
  • Examination dates: Jan 17 – 21, 2022

The Applicant can choose what sitting they would prefer to attend. This decision should be communicated to,,,

The examination is valid for a period of 2 years.

  • Tutorial and Examination package- $30,000

Payments are to be made to GBTI Account # 001019437017

The examination and tutorials will be administered online through a Learning Management System (MOODLE)
You are required to have reliable internet access and an accessibility instrument (laptops, mobiles, tablets etc.)

Turkeyen Campus Registration Support Numbers:
623-1941, 623-1867, 623-1869, 623-1871, 623-1924, 623-1940, 623-1942, 624-1943, 623-1944, 623-1945, 623-1946, 623-1948

Berbice Campus Registration Support numbers:
623-1943, 623-1949

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