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Dr. Diana Devika Gobin
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Finance & Administration)

About the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Finance & Administration)

Dr. Diana Devika Gobin serves as the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Finance and Administration) at the
University of Guyana. Previously, Dr. Gobin held the position of lecturer within the Department of
Entrepreneurship and Business Management at the School of Entrepreneurship and Business
Innovation, University of Guyana. With over fifteen years of experience in higher education, she has not
only excelled in teaching various subjects but has also contributed significantly to administrative
functions within the academic sphere.

Dr. Gobin holds a Doctor of Education (Leadership and Innovation) from the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers
College, Arizona State University. She also earned an International MBA specializing in Entrepreneurship
and Innovation from the University of the West Indies, along with an undergraduate degree in
Management from the University of Guyana.

Throughout her academic journey, Dr. Gobin has demonstrated a diverse skill set by teaching various
courses, including project management, supply chain management, human resource management,
marketing, organizational theory and behavior, entrepreneurship and business management, quality
management, accounting, and research methods. Additionally, she has actively contributed to
curriculum development and review initiatives and has supervised numerous graduate-level research
projects. Dr. Gobin's research interests encompass motivation and organizational commitment,
leadership, business innovation, educational technology, and innovations in higher education.