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Our Services

Creating a Student focused and Student Friendly environment in Examinations Division.

  • Safe & Secure

    Ensure that classes, examinations, and all other related activities are conducted in a safe and comfortable environment

  • Quality & Integrity

    Facilitate the conduct of all examinations in an efficient, secure and transparent manner to guarantee quality and integrity at all times

  • Processing

    Ensure and enhance the integrity of submission, approval, storage and retrieval of the official results of all students

  • Invigilating

    Ensure that an adequate quantity of trained invigilators is provided at a timely manner as is required

  • Question Papers

    Facilitate the rapid, efficient and confidential production of sufficient quantities of question papers

  • Academic Profiles

    Ensure the accuracy of all academic profiles

  • Protection

    Provide safe/secure storage for all examination scripts & question papers