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Attention students: 

Please note that these timetables are subject to change.

Kindly check other faculties' timetables for courses not in your faculty to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

Title Description Updated Date
FEES Timetable (3.0) semester 2 Draft 3.0
FAF Timetable Semester 2 23-24 Draft 1.3 Draft 1.3
FSS Semester II Timetable draft 2.0
FNS Semester II Timetable Draft 2.0
SEBI Timetable Semester 2 23-24 Draft 1.0 Draft 1.0
FET Semester II Timetable 1.1
FEH Semester II Timetable 1.1
FSS Dept of Law 3rd Draft Timetable - Semester II - 2023-2024
CoBRES Timetable Semester 2 23-24