UG launches Berbice campus alumni chapter

2nd July, 2018 0 comments

The University of Guyana (UG) in its efforts to re-connect with past graduates and past faculty staff, last week Wednesday, launched the Berbice campus chapter of its Alumni Association. The goal of the Alumni Association is to connect graduates and past faculty and staff of UG in a reciprocally beneficial relationship of investing, nurturing, fundraising, mentorship and development. Persons are being urged to give back to UG through scholarships, mentorship, equipment, books, internships, monetary gifts, travel bursaries and through other kind gestures.

At a simple ceremony held at the university’s Berbice campus to mark the occasion, Tenth Vice Chancellor Professor Ivelaw Griffith (Class of 1980 and 1981); encouraged those gathered to give back towards the development of the country’s sole national university. This campus was established in 2002 and produced its first batch of alumni two years later. The Vice Chancellor said that an alumni community cannot be built by “simply wishing it would happen.” In this regard, he said this is where the process of institutionalization comes into play, adding that one way to do so is by creating alumni associations and chapters.

Professor Griffith pointed out that the purpose of these chapters is not merely to garner funds, but to also play a vital role in helping to bring others into the university so that they could have similar or better experiences. The strength of any university has to do with its graduates, and how these past students help to strengthen the brand of the university and how they help to pave the way for others. More than half of a century after it was founded, the University of Guyana on June 2, last, launched its Alumni Association under the banner Proud Legacy: Prosperous Destiny at the institution’s Turkeyen campus.

Speaking at that event was Professor George Danns (Class of 1975) who noted that the establishment of an alumni association is long overdue, as he spoke of the importance of alumni in sustaining the educational charge of the university. Pointing out that the University has educated past and current presidents, cabinet ministers and the acting Chancellor and Chief Justice, Professor Danns recommended that the alumni association be registered as a not for profit voluntary organization consistent with the university statutes and the laws of Guyana. Deputy Vice Chancellor for Philanthropy, Alumni and Civic Engagement (PACE), Professor Paloma Mohammed (Class of 1992 and 2000) has since revealed that the New York and Toronto chapters will be launched later this month, while the London Chapter will be launched later in the year.

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