UG to host Public Consultation on the University of Guyana Press

20th September, 2020 0 comments

Georgetown, Guyana, September 20, 2020: The University of Guyana Press will be hosting a Public Consultation with Members of the Press’s editorial and management Boards, staff, students and other key stakeholders on September 23, 2020 from 10:00 h to 12:00 h via Zoom. The objects of the Consultation are to examine the Structure, Focus and Future of the UG Press.

This initiative will assist the University in restructuring, resourcing, strengthening and aligning the Press in an effort to effectively serve its mandate. The University of Guyana Press was set up to publish scholarly work, such as, books, monographs, and journals which are produced particularly by faculty, staff and students of the UG as well as learning resources and general titles in both print and digital media. It is also expected to estab- lish and maintain networking opportunities with national, regional and international publishing companies.

The UG Press was established in March 2017. However, it is currently a unit in the newly established Depart- ment of Events, Conferences and Communications (DECC) which leverages existing resources to create syn- ergies across Public Relations, Communications, Broadcasting and Events. Apart from the UG PRESS, DECC includes Public Relations and Communications, Conferences and Events, UG Radio and UG Virtual Online Media.

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