UG behavioural research centre ready for opening

8th April, 2019 0 comments

THE Jay and Sylvia Sobhraj Centre of Behavioural Sciences and Research at the University of Guyana is set for opening this month.

Construction of the centre was completed a few weeks ago by Buddy’s Construction, a local general construction company which was responsible for the completion of many large-scale construction projects in Guyana.

The next step will be the furnishing of the building and the official opening of the centre for use by students, faculty and UG management.

The Foundation, after spending millions of dollars on the information technology sector and working with government institutions such as the Guyana Police Force and NGOs to provide free computer training to the public while simultaneously working in New York with public schools on enhancing their existing computer centers, has embarked on assisting the mental health sector in Guyana.

One of the lecture rooms at the Centre

During the construction phase, Dr. Jay Sobhraj increased the donation to ensure that the quality of the construction is not compromised. Many who witnessed the construction, including university staff, had an opportunity to see the inside of the building after completion and were impressed with the design and the quality of the construction, while students cannot wait to start using the facility.

The newly-designed centre will accommodate a Psychology Department, Lecture Halls, a Clinical Psychology Clinic, a Student Medical Centre, a Student Gym, a Book Store, Students Religious Offices, and a Food Court. The building, which was designated for use by psychology majors, will also be used for other majors such as engineering and science and liberal arts.

In March 2018, Founder of the Jay and Sylvia Sobhraj Foundation, a U-S based Guyanese entrepreneur, Dr. Jay Sobhraj, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Guyana worth approximately $80M to renovate an existing building known on the University Campus known as the “Spicy Dish” building.



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