Signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between The University of Guyana and the Ministry of Natural Resources-GGMC

31st October, 2017 0 comments

One of the most significant single grants to The University of Guyana, negotiated over the last 11 months with the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC). The UG team included Deputy Vice-Chancellor Paloma Mohamed and Dean of the Faculty of Technology Elena Trim.

The GGMC is a long standing partner of The University of Guyana’s Faculty of Technology and more particularly, the Geology department to which the GGMC has granted significant sums in the past; and the Faculty for Earth and Environmental Sciences.

The value of the grant for 2017-2018 was negotiated upwards to one hundred million Guyana dollars along a specific spending and reporting protocol. The grant will provide the Faculty of Technology with much needed equipment for its geology laboratories and with envelopes earmarked for curriculum development, training, outreach and field research.

The MNR-GGMC-UG grant also provides specific allocations for all other faculties’ student centered enhancements at The University of Guyana.

The MoU provides, among other things, for close collaboration in the following key areas:

  •   Design and execution of Geology, Mining Engineering and Geological Engineering programmes;

  •   Re-tooling and equipping of the geological laboratory to the tune of G$55 million;

  •   Curriculum design and enhancement;

  •   provision of laboratory services to the mining sector;

  •   Collaboration with other Government agencies or private entities on areas of common

    interest for the purpose of participation in research projects for various areas particularly in the Geology, Mining Engineering and Geological Engineering programmes;

  •   Collaboration on placement of students’ internship attachments with the Commission;

  •   Sharing of technical publications based on assignments of the programmes done by

    scholars of the Commission;

  •   Collaboration on annual renewal of the current agreement.

    Allocation of MNR- GGMC 2017 Grant to University of Guyana:

    1) 55% (55 million) - Equipment and supplies to the laboratories of the Faculty of Technology requested through The University and Dean of the Faculty;

    2)15 % (15 million) for Scholarships and Training;

    3) 16% or (2 million) each for improvements to classroom and teaching facilities allied and education supporting programmes: The Faculties of Health Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Education and Humanities, Social Sciences, Berbice Campus, IDCE, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry for a total of 16% (16 million);

    4) 7% (7 million) to Support the School for Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation programme emphasis on the Natural Resources Sector;

    5) 7% (7 million) to support, research, curriculum review and development processes, marketing, media and stakeholder consultations.

    Special Thanks

    Hon. Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman; Vice-Chancellor Prof. Ivelaw Griffith; Ministry of Natural Resources, J. Mackenzie and staff of the PR department MNR; Chairman of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, Stanley Ming and The Board of Directors GGMC, Mr Newell Dennison, Commissioner, Company Secretary Jacques Foster and staff; Deputy Vice Chancellor (PACE) Prof. Paloma Mohamed and staffers- Aficia Esbrand, Christine Chowagrir, Trovana Azziz, Schemel Patrick, Tara Smith and Rhinold Cameron; and staff members of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office.

    October 23, 2017

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