Renaissance Vol. 1 No. 4

30th November, 2016 0 comments

The collaboration between the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and the Centre for Communication Studies (CCS) of The University of Guyana brings to you this fourth edition of Renaissance, a monthly newsletter. Renaissance is the Vice-Chancellor’s medium of sharing with you the developments and the areas of interest that need to be celebrated at our University. 

As Guyana celebrates its Golden Jubilee Independence, it is quite fitting the country’s most prestigious, tertiary institution celebrates its 50th Anniversary Convocation exercise. Dr Vincent Adams, Guyanese born, engineering giant working in the US Department of Energy, delivered the feature address at Turkeyen’s Jubilee Graduation.

Our Berbice Campus also hosted its graduation exercise, with feature speaker Professor Jaipaul Singh. 

We hope you enjoy reading both addresses to the UG 2016 Graduates. 

Renaissance’s entire publication team congratulates all our deserving 2016 graduates. Because of your personal commitment to success, you are a part of this celebratory Convocation 50th Anniversary Year. Endeavour to become far greater than any circumstance challenging your future success. 

Graduates, we hope you become impassioned in your respective fields. Be motivated as you read of the UG Computer Science Graduates who won this year’s, first ever, Hackathon.

Renaissance has expanded to include articles featuring our sister campus in Berbice. Feel proud with us as you read of the students’ and lecturer’s accomplishments. 

Most of these stories are creations of our CCS student interns attached to the publication. 

CCS is involved in training students in the art of print, radio, television and online journalism; public relations; communication research, and consultancy. 

As you read, be inspired to join us as we celebrate with pride... UG’s Renaissance!

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