As Guyana’s only national tertiary institution, The University of Guyana (UG), is an emblem of pride for our nation. In the 1960’s Guyana enjoyed the highest standard of education among Commonwealth Caribbean countries. However, in the face of changing competitive local and global realities, the situation has changed considerably and not all positively. Thus, it is imperative that we reexamine the relevance and delivery of our programs in keeping with national development, industry needs, student-centered learning and faculty development. Recent findings of oil and gas clearly demonstrate the need for UG to invest in competencies and capabilities that are not currently part of our teaching and research inventory. Moreover, there are clear indications from central government and recent business trends that Entrepreneurship and the acquisition of new skills by faculty, staff, and students are vital to the accomplishment of national development goals. This is the context in which we have been pursuing SEBI.

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