Payment of Library Fees and Fines

28th November, 2020 0 comments

Dear Graduate of 2019,

The University of Guyana Library in collaboration with Bursary have implemented a payment system for Library fees and fines to be paid through Republic Bank Guyana Limited. If you are indebted to the library and need to make payments to uplift your certificate, please follow the steps outlined below which are tailored for both Turkeyen and Berbice Campuses.

Step 1: Check your student’s profile online (SRMS) to verify whether you are indebted to the Library. If you are indebted, the amount will be stated in the remark’s column for the library. If the amount is not stated or you have a query about the amount stated, please contact us at:

Turkeyen Campus Library

Berbice Campus Library

Step 2: Kindly visit any Republic Bank Branch.

Step 3: Fill out deposit slips or relevant fields if using the RepublicOnline banking
services using account numbers:

Turkeyen Campus Library

Berbice Campus Fees Account

Step 4: Deposit the amount owed to the library into the University of Guyana account numbers as provided above depending on the campus you are attending.

Step 5: Send a picture or scanned image of the deposit slip or forward the Republic bank transfer notification as proof of payment, if the transaction is completed online to the bursary’s e-mail: and the respective library’s e-mail:

Turkeyen Campus Library

Berbice Campus Library

Or you can also send a picture of the deposit slip via WhatsApp to:

Turkeyen Campus Library
+592 638-4432 or
+592 642-7105

Berbice Campus Library
+592 651-4411 or
+592 642-7006

Additionally, if you are in possession of the two (2) yellow reading room tickets, please scan the tickets (name and address must be visible) and send to the respective library’s email addresses, if they are required for clearance.

This notice supersedes the previous advisory on payment of Library Fees and Fines.

For your information and guidance.

Gwyneth George, AA (Mrs.)
Librarian IV
University Librarian
University of Guyana

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