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(Georgetown/ Guyana/October 2, 2020) The University of Guyana at an emergency Academic Board summoned by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Paloma Mohamed late last evening agreed to several measures aimed at ensuring a smooth and consistent start of the new semester for all students, in the wake of thousands of docu- ments now pouring into the Registry of the University from feeder institutions.

Though additional resources and extended processing hours have been employed for some time, the appear- ance of some examination results and the need for document verification have created a backlog of over 2600 applications at yesterday’s date.

The University just hitting its 57th year yesterday, reports that despite the COVID-19 conditions this year it has seen the largest number of applicants ever, about to top the 7000 mark.

While the University had projected an October 12 start, the Board of top academics late last evening noted that should the original dates have held this would have disadvantaged those whose applications are now be- ing processed, forcing them to join classes weeks late. This the University deemed as contrary to its values of fair, equitable and robust delivery of tertiary education to Guyana. Registrar of The University Dr Nigel Gravesande endorsed addressing this by adopting the following new dates:

All notifications and admission decisions prioritized by the date of receipt of final documents for verifi- cation and other registration agreements by October 20, 2020. Over 3000 applicants would have already heard from the University as at today’s date.

Orientation for new and continuing students will begin on October 26, 2020. Orientation is an onboard- ing process by which students are introduced to the rules, regulations, lecturers, specific processes, given a tour of the physical and online classrooms, taught how to read and calculate their GPA’s and academic pro- files , made aware of the special services and opportunities available to students etc. This orientation will take place online and students will receive emails directly with the necessary login information.

Commencement – the first day of classes will be on November 2, 2020. The traditional commencement exercise will also be online this year as will 65% of the University’s classes. The remaining 35% mostly consisting of laboratory and field exercises are expected to be Blended and Face to Face delivered at the vari- ous campuses for specific courses or parts of courses only. The University is in the process of putting all con- tagion protection protocols and physical arrangements in place to address this. Students will be notified direct- ly of the schedule and safety measures if any of their courses are expected to be face to face.

The University urges all applicants who have not yet submitted their notarized documents for verification to do so urgently. In an effort to support prospective students’ documents may be verified by Justices of the Peace, Head teachers, Religious persons, Government officials and community leaders who must sign and stamp the documents. Due to COVID Conditions, items are not to be presented in person, but rather emailed to

The University has already augmented its help desk with 14 new lines accepting calls, WhatsApp and text messages 24/7, in addition to email and a chat feature which will be available from Monday. Self-assistance for frequently asked questions is also available and persons can visit the University website at https://

UGs New Help Desk Numbers are: Turkeyen Campus Registration Support Numbers: 623-1941, 623- 1867, 623-1869, 623- 1871, 623-1924, 623-1940, 623-1942, 624-1943, 623-1944, 623-1945, 623-1946, 623- 1948, And Berbice Campus Registration Support numbers: 623-1943, 623-1949.

All University operations continue under the Emergency Regulations developed and implemented last semester to address safety under the COVID - 19 conditions.

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