Broadcasters encouraged to be responsible

19th October, 2017 0 comments

Local broadcasters were charged to more responsible and cognizant of the effect their words have on listeners when on-air.

Minister of Public Telecommunications, Catherine Hughes delivered the charge Tuesday last, at the University of Guyana, Centre of Communications’ panel discussion on ‘Careers in Broadcasting’.

“You have such a huge responsibility and it’s really is not about you. When you get in front of that microphone, you must realise that you could be speaking to someone who is about to commit suicide, who doesn’t have the joy of vision, who is blind. You could be speaking to so many different people and therefore there is a responsibility that must come with every single word you say” Minister Hughes emphasised.

It was noted, there is more work to be done in the broadcasting industry, which is rapidly progressing technologically. Internet access has proven to be advantageous for broadcasters today as research tools are now at their fingertips.

Minister Hughes stressed the need for objectivity whether broadcasters are employed in the private or state media. She reiterated the job requires presentation of information in a fair and objective manner.

The Public Telecommunications Minister encouraged persons interested in joining the industry, to have a passion for the craft and be prepared to raise the bar.

A number of veteran broadcasters including Russel Lancaster, Merrano Issacs, and Basil Bradshaw shared their experiences, gave tips on honing broadcasting skills and responded to questions from the audience.

The event was part of the University’s  Communication Studies Centre’s effort to sensitise students to the various opportunities in the field of broadcasting.

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