Student Loans

Students wishing to obtain a student loan must complete the application forms listed below and visit the Student Loan Agency, located on the University Campus, as soon as they have received their place-offer letter.

Turkeyen Campus Loan Students

Berbice Campus Loan Students

New Student Loan Form New Student Loan Form
Continuing Student Loan Form Continuing Student Loan Form
Guarantor's Form Guarantor's Form

Important points to note when applying for student loans

  1. All application forms must be printed on legal-size paper.
  2. The guarantor's id card/passport must be presented to verify its number, date of issue and the guarantor’s signature and age.
  3. Recommendations and job letters must be original and of recent date. These must be on business/official letterheads and bear the organisation’s stamp/seal. The job letter must state the guarantor’s position, period of service and annual salary.
  4. Self-employed guarantors must supply evidence of current and prior existence of such employment. Such evidence may include income tax & NIS receipts and practice certificates.
  5. The guarantor’s affidavit must be completed in dark permanent ink (fountain and gel pens are therefore excluded). Corrections should be avoided. However, the Student Loan Agency may accept an affidavit if the correction is made in sections a or b of the form, is initialled by the guarantor and is countersigned by the commissioner of oaths – an affidavit with a correction to the name of the borrower or guarantor will not be accepted. Correction fluid (whiteout) should not be used. The student loan agency reserves the right to reject any affidavit based on its appearance.
  6. The guarantor’s affidavit must have the appropriate revenue stamp.
  7. A name change must be substantiated by the presentation of a deed poll, marriage certificate or other official document. Photocopies must also be submitted for retention in the agency’s records.
  8. An official document - ie. bank statements; utility bills - showing student’s or parent’s name with mailing address must be submitted for our verification for first-time applicants and if there is a change in address for continuing students.
  9. Where the student would attain the age of forty-five before September 1st of the current year, a request (addressed to the Finance Secretary, Ministry of Finance) for a waiver of the age limit must be submitted with the loan application. The request must include a proposed repayment plan, with monthly instalments commencing immediately.
  10. Where a student is applying for a loan for an additional course of study, a request (addressed to the Finance Secretary, Ministry of Finance) must be submitted with the loan application. The request must discuss the status of the previous loan(s) and arrangements in place to be made for the repayment of such.
  11. The early completion of individual loan arrangements will depend on the student’s compliance with all procedures and requirements of the Student Loan Agency.

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