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Safety and Security

The University of Guyana

In an ongoing effort to improve security on the University of Guyana, Turkeyen campus, the institution has employed a Safety and Security Manager, Mr Hugh Gibson, who will work closely with senior officers and the security service on campus to identify, propose and implement enhancements to security management in every area at the university. In 2013, there were several reports of robberies on the campus and the administration has responded to calls from students and staff to put measures in place to beef up security. In this regard, short-term measures to improve security on the campus have been put in place. These initiatives include the installation of additional lighting, deployment of guards in parking areas, and more recently, stricter rules on entry and exit of staff, students and visitors to the campus. Students and staff are requested to adhere to the rule of wearing their ID badges while on the campus. Additionally, the university is studying more long-term policies to improve security on both campuses. Students and staff are advised to report suspicious characters or behavior on the campus - call the Security Office on 222-4929.


Safety and Security Manager

Mr Hugh Gibson


Contact: 222-7630  Ext 236


The Security post can be reached 24/7 at 222-4929