Mr. Ron Glasgow
Former President of the UGSS

Economics was and is something that brings me alive. Mr. Ron Glasgow, Former President of the UGSS

“I was looking for a way to channel that energy effectively and maximize it for the benefit of my personal growth and development so that in the long run I can help other people in many ways.”

Born January 08, 1997, Ron Einstein Glasgow recalled that his childhood revolved around things which were no different than that of a typical Guyanese child’s upbringing. As the eldest child in his family, he emphasized that back in the day and even until now, education and the holistic notion of academic pursuit coupled with the need for leisure activities to stimulate the mind and solicit profound thoughts and actions remains key factors in his life which helps him daily. Due to that fact, he started his academic journey toward becoming the strong, courageous and bold individual he is today at the Head start nursery school. Then, he attended the Saint Gabriel’s primary school but unfortunately was later transferred to the Saint Margaret’s primary school. It was there he wrote the Grade Six Common Entrance Examination and was fortunate to secure a place for himself at the prestigious Bishops High school. The budding 20 year old proceeded to convey that, the education and experience garnered from his secondary schooling actually played a significant role in shaping the important choices he has made thus far in life. In his own words, he said that, “the discipline, the structure, the entire academic setting at my high school showed me exactly how I should think and act and what to do in the world.

“Economics was and is something that brings me alive.”

Furthermore, as time progressed and his fondness for economics intensified, he decided to pursue tertiary level studies in the academic field and thus opted to attend the University of Guyana at the tender age of seventeen years. He noted that “I chose to pursue a higher level of economics because growth as an individual asset is something I want to achieve.” Moreover, it is quite surprising that whilst growing up he never really envisioned himself within the field of economics but rather he aspired to become a scientist. However, the manner in which his secondary school was academically structured stipulated that if the required grades for a particular stream are not achieved by a student for their first stream option then they must opt to study their second stream choice instead. Fortunately, he decided to venture into the business class which is basically streamlined by economics and it started to enthuse him. He shared that “then everything that didn’t make sense to me began doing so when I went into business. Economics was and is something that brings me alive.” Additionally, Mr Glasgow noted that “I came to the university at seventeen years old. Back then, I was childish and but also competitive and energetic. I was looking for a way to channel that energy effectively and maximize it for the benefit of my personal growth and development so that in the long run I can help other people in many ways.” Moreover, Mr Glasgow’s current academic choice aids him in functioning efficiently and effectively due to the fact that economics is a branch of social science which encompasses human interaction, human socialization and the social context within which this interaction and/or socialization occurs. In his political office, economics allows him to use the social aspect of the field productively to different aspects of his work during critical decision making times.

Without doubt, Mr Glasgow is the epitome of stoicism and resilience. These characteristics complemented by his energetic trait allow him to function in his demanding work capacity as president of the student body. By definition a stoic is a person who can endure immense hardship and pain without becoming emotionally phased by such occurrences. Mr Glasgow described himself as such explaining that “discipline acquired from administrative rules and regulations which I did not always favor but had to adhere anyway in high school taught me this.” In fact, his adherence to the school’s rules and regulations helped him to perfect the stoic trait because “by going through the struggle of conforming to situations I did not like taught me how to put feelings aside and do what must be done regardless of personal thoughts.” Moreover, he is resilient because in a sense he encapsulates this bout of determination and steadfastness which oftentimes allows him to always complete tasks he has undertaken without feeling the need to quit. As a matter of fact, his energetic quality overlaps with his resilient trait where he is always motivated to work assiduously with a charge of energy which allows him to work fast and also smart.   

Mr Glasgow’s gets his motivational drive from two philosophical souls, to name, Seneca and Marcus Aurellius who where Greek and Roman, respectively. Unsurprisingly, they were also heralds of stoicism.  Actually, he is fond of one Seneca’s quotation which reads: “if it is not right, do not do it and if it is not true then do not say it.” This quotation is applicable to his presidential position where he is expected to make fair, accurate, transparent and constructive and beneficial decisions regarding the welfare and development in various arenas concerning students of the University of Guyana. Also, he added that the quotation is actually an ideal one for every Guyanese man to emanate on a day to day basis.

Currently, he has served as President of the UGSS for one and a half terms collectively. Additionally, in relation to his duties as president, Mr Glasgow is required to represent the interests of students at the institution and ensure that constituents suffer no violations and injustices. One of his aims as leader of the student body is to make the institution’s environment more dynamic and buoyant in nature for students to not only interact on a study level but on a leisure one as well since it is important for the human anatomy to have a healthy balance of both academic education and physical education. Oftentimes, many students attend university with the prime purpose of just getting their degree to leave without looking back. Thus, he is aiming to change that mundane way of thinking and provide multiple extra-curricular options for students to actively grow and development and in turn help the university.

It should be noted that, among his major contributions toward the university, the UGSS body has helped to finance emerging recreational clubs and aided in the creation of a student facility and Mr Glasgow has worked along with the university’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Ivelaw Griffith, to provide aid for the students who were affected by the recent Cummings Lodge fire.

Mr Glasgow shared that challenges often arise when he has to balance his school work with his job work. For instance, students learned of tuition hike during the mid-semester period. As a representative of students’ interests and affairs, Mr Glasgow had to make a critical decision which involved foregoing two mid-semester exams in order to attend politic meetings concerning the briefings about the tuition hike matter. This is actually a representation of his stoic and resilient characteristics, where he acted first as a true leader and then second as a student.

He conveyed that in order for him to fail as a leader two things would have to happen. To name, a lack of self-interest to continue functioning in the capacity that he is in presently and since his position is connected to the unity and operations of members of the council, then disunity amongst the body would in turn cause him to ultimately fail.

Despite his many shortcomings in the past filled of some situations which were inevitable, he shared optimistically that he still continues to try his utmost best to make all his actions and decisions transparent and objective. As aforementioned, he abides by the principle of Seneca in situations where accountability and fairness seem to be compromised.

Undoubtedly, this signifies Mr Glasgow’s level of diplomacy and remarkable work ethic indicates why he was voted by the students to represent their rights and interests at the University of Guyana Turkeyen Campus. In addition to that, he emphasized that students can look forward to the formations of more recreational clubs and to attend those that are operational such as the Robotics Clubs, Astronomy Club and a Computer Science Club for Girls. Also he urged alums to become more actively involved in the development of clubs on the university’s campus in order to ensure that current and future students experience the full bout of academic satisfaction while attending university to impart elsewhere in their lives.

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