Dr. Jacqeline Murray
Director of the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education

A Quest for Knowledge “I love research… new topics continue to spark my interest.” Dr. Jacqeline Murray, Director of the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education


As interim Director of the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education at The University of
Guyana, Dr Murray knows a thing or two about motivation when it comes to self-study. So it is
quite fitting that she recently completed her doctorate in Business Administration following a
five-year period of study with Edinburgh Napier University in the United Kingdom.

Dr Murray previously served as the Interim Deputy Director of the Institute in 2016, prior to
which she was the Assistant Director of Berbice Campus for approximately two years.
Throughout this period she assiduously studied, something she attributes to a need to learn and a
thirst for knowledge. “I love research and my strength lies in the methodology section,” said Dr
Murray, who considers herself the perennial student. “I have been studying for a long time, and
new topics continue to spark my interest.”


She began her educational journey in Berbice at the New Amsterdam Mission Chapel
Congregational School (now the New Amsterdam Primary School), before moving on to the
New Amsterdam Multilateral School. She later became a teacher, ironically at the same
Multilateral School, before heading to Georgetown to pursue a Diploma and subsequently a
Degree in Accountancy at The University of Guyana.

She reflected with enthusiasm on her classroom experiences as a student at the University and
remembered one influential staff member in particular, who she said always made his classes fun
and interesting: “There was this amazing lecturer by the name of Anand Persaud. As I sat in his
classroom, I admired his lecture style and the way he knew his material. I began to think: I want
to lecture and I wouldn’t mind being a person like him, who knows his material.”

Later on, she decided to pursue her Masters in Finance Accounting and Management (MSc) at
The University of Bradford in the United Kingdom. “Those things are so easy to aspire to until
you actual try it,” she said with a chuckle. “Then you realise how challenging they can be.”
Subsequently she did a Master’s in Education (MEd) at The University of Guyana, before
pursuing her doctorate. At times, during her doctoral studies, she experienced feelings of
uncertainty, wondering if she would be able to cope with the new challenges and demands.
However she persevered and is thankful to have completed the programme.

Today, Dr Murray uses her extensive knowledge and expertise to facilitate the continuous
development of the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education. Her vision is that the
Institute will one day provide distance education and be renamed The University of Guyana
Open Campus.

The Vice-Chancellor, the Renaissance team and staff members of The University of Guyana
congratulate Dr Jacqueline Murray on this special achievement.



Editor’s note - Dr Murray has since been confirmed as Director of the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education IDCE


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