Tel: 592-222-7630

About the School

The School of Professional Development was established in 2003 with the general aim of extending the institutional resources of the Turkeyen and Berbice Campuses to provide a range of academic, professional and extension programmes to serve the regular student population and the needs of public and private agencies.

The main office of the School is located at the Turkeyen Campus and contact could be made by calling telephone number 222-7630 or e-mail

Programme Offerings

The programme offerings are two-fold:

  1. The School administers the University’s “Virtual Third Semester” which facilitates the conduct of classes in courses located in its regular programme profiles to:
    1. Registered students of the University who:
      1. would have missed a semester and are interested in make-up course(s)
      2. may wish to accelerate the rate of completion of their programme of study
      3. are interested to repeat course(s) which they failed in a previous semester.
    1. Students from other institutions who could benefit from credit transfers.
  2. The School also arranges one-off courses and programmes to fit the specific needs of clientele seeking professional qualifications or training.

All courses and programmes are offered on a full cost recovery basis, and at such times and places convenient to the University and its clientele.

Currently offering: