Faculty of Social Sciences

This is offered in various options depending on the availability of lecturers, supervisors.

Entry Requirements

  • An undergraduate degree with distinction/first class honours or its equivalent from the University of Guyana or any other approved universities.
  • A postgraduate qualification from the University of Guyana or any approved University with a GPA not less than 2.7.
  • Ten (10) years experience as an outstanding professional in the intended field of thesis research and successful completion of a minimum of two (2) years formal training at the University level or its equivalent with a GPA of not less than 2.7.
  • Successful completion of the Graduate Diploma in International or Development Studies with a GPA of not less than 2.7.

The Curriculum includes the following courses:

Semester I
GSC 519 Research Methods & Analysis in the Social Sciences
GSC 600 Independent Research (year long - thesis)
Semester II
GSC 529 Research Strategies & Techniques in the Social Sciences
GSC 600 Independent Research (thesis)

It is envisaged that programmes will operate within the framework of the following two fundamental principles.

  • Higher degree should emphasise not the memorizing of masses of information but the development of skills of analytic enquiry, and of empirical investigation through appropriate research techniques. Among the many implications of this approach are the necessity for individualised instructions and, consequently, for the careful control of enrolment in higher degree programmes.
  • Research projects should, as far as possible, be related to the urgent needs of the society while meeting certain standards of scholarship explicitly defined or tacitly embraced by the University. Accordingly, no department, irrespective of its initial capacity, should institute graduate programmes without first considering and assessing the demand such programmes are likely to satisfy.