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1st National Conference on Engineering & Architecture Education in Guyana

Theme:  Engineering & Architecture Education in Guyana: Current State and Required Changes


The Faculty of Technology, University of Guyana, will be holding the first national conference on Engineering and Architecture Education in Guyana. The faculty has organized the conference to provide a forum for an in-depth discussion among faculty stakeholders and the engineering fraternity on the current quality of, and the required changes to, the engineering program offered by the faculty. Participants to the conference will come from employers, professional engineers, managers of industry, graduates, students and academics.


Venue:            Education Lecture Theatre, UG

Date:               Friday, 26th October, 2007

Time:               9:00am – 3:30 pm


The faculty expects that the discussion at the conference will serve guide its efforts to upgrade its curriculum, respond to the needs of industry and society, create stronger links with stakeholders, and stimulate a more public debate on the state of engineering and architecture engineering in Guyana.


Presenters will include representatives from government and industries, as well as engineers, lecturers in the faculty, graduates, and education researchers.