Department of Mathematics, Physics & Statistics

Students in the department should have a strong commitment and dedication to their programme in order to succeed. The B.Sc. in Mathematics is internationally recognized by many universities. Having a solid foundation in pure and applied Maths is vital and applicable to almost every area of study. The Bachelors Degree in Mathematics is well structured to equip students with enough knowledge from which further studies can be pursued. The B.Sc. in Statistics is geared to deliver to students a wide view of statistics from basic to more advanced Statistics theories and practice. Statistics is becoming more and more useful as the need for experiments and analysis is increasing in every area today. The B.Sc. in Physics: Why study Physics? With the advent of modern technology and the ever increasing need for consultants to tackle national issues, Physics is an exciting field of study. Also, the rewards for Physicists are financially satisfying as more advances in Physics find their way into industry and marketable products. NB: Each of the three(3) programmes offered are Bachelors Degree of 8-semester duration. Most of these courses are delivered using lectures and tutorials. For more information on the programmes, please contact the department office.