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March 2017

Focus On UG - August Edition

Creative hands at work on Turkeyen campus

Art teacher Michael Khan with the young ‘artists'. In the background are samples of their creative efforts.

The Creative Arts Division of the School of Education and Humanities hosted another art workshop for young children. The Emeritus Professor Doris Rogers Art Summer School was held during the month of July.

The young participants tried their hands at drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, textile, and floral arrangement.

‘Reading is Fun’ ends on a high note

Sitting from left, Ms Debra Lowe, Librarian (ag),   Dr Marlene Cox, Vice-Chancellor (ag),    Ms Tamara Rodney-Clarke, Marketing Manager, Courts  (Guyana) Inc. with the participants of the Reading Is Fun programme.
The closing ceremony for the 8th ‘Reading is Fun’ programme hosted by the University Library in collaboration with Courts (Guyana) Inc, was held on Friday, August 17 on the Turkeyen campus. This year’s programme was held under the theme: Reading is Fun: Developing your skills in reading to empower you for life.

Focus On UG - July Edition

Applications invited for Pharmacy, Optometry, Rehabilitation Science, and Forest Biology

The Turkeyen campus will be offering four additional programmes – three Bachelor Degrees and one Masters Degree – for the new academic year commencing August 27, 2012.

The three, four-year bachelor degree programmes are Pharmacy, Optometry and Rehabilitation Science. The programmes are expected to contribute to the quality and quantity of service available to members of the public who would require treatment in the relevant areas.

The Masters of Science degree in Forest Biology, which was not offered for a number of years, will also be available for the 2012/2013 academic year. 

Admission requirements for the four programmes are available on the University’s website @ and interested persons have until August 10, 2012 to apply online.

Meanwhile, classes have commenced

Focus On UG - June Edition

Registry: KEEPER of the GATE

The 2012-2013 Academic Year of the University will commence on August 27, 2012. In this issue of Focus on UG, the spotlight is placed on the Registry, in particular, the Student Record Management System (SRMS) which was launched in April 2009.

About the Registry

The Registry is the administrative hub of the University of Guyana.   Deputy Registrar, Dr Theodosius Velloza, said that the Registry’s goal is to serve the needs of the prospective students, continuing students, as well as Faculties/Schools and staff of the University. It is the first place with which a potential student interfaces.  Here students register and are referred to when they need grades and other student services.  The graduate comes here to uplift his/her certificate and

Focus on UG - May Edition

New Masters programme expected to improve women’s health in Guyana

The Academic Board recently approved the submission by the Faculty of Health Sciences for the School of Medicine to offer the affiliate programme, Masters of Medicine Degree in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The programme is intended to train physicians “who can practice independently and provide excellent outpatient and inpatient care to women.”

The Obstetrics/Gynaecology Department at the University Hospital Case Medical Centre in Cleveland, Ohio will collaborate with the University of Guyana, School of Medicine and the Georgetown Public Hospital to implement the four year residency programme. 

Focus on UG - April Edition

Students’ research displayed at National Trust exhibition

Final year degree students from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Technology participated in this year's exhibition by the National Trust of Guyana to celebrate International Monuments and Sites Day 2012.  A UNESCO approved event, International Monuments and Sites Day is held on April 18 every year; this year's theme is ‘World Heritage and Sustainable Development: the Role of Local Communities.’

The seven students, who are currently researching and documenting historic buildings within the strip of Georgetown that is on a tentative list submitted to UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, prepared a 8 ft x 4 ft banner with the initial results of their research. This banner formed part of the exhibition by the National Trust.  

At the opening of the exhibition Mr Lennox J Hernandez, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Architecture, gave a background to the International Monuments & Sites Day and the current status of the nomination dossier on Historic Georgetown, which is

Focus on UG - March Edition

MACORP signs second MoU with UG

Vice-Chancellor (ag) Dr Marlene Cox and Chief Executive Officer of MACORP, Mr Jorge Medina on Friday, March 23, 2012 signed the second two-year Memorandum of Understanding for both institutions to collaborate in furthering national development through the provision of improved education and training at the University level.

In his brief remarks, Mr Medina alluded to the long term national benefits of such a collaboration between the University and industry, and he

Focus On UG - February Edition

Fond farewell to Professor Carrington

Vice-Chancellor Professor Carrington, with Administrative Secretary Joan Browman (seated in front), and Research Assistant in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor Karen Wishart.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Lawrence Carrington, will be proceeding on end of contract leave on February 6, 2012. Professor Carrington assumed duty at the University of Guyana on April 1, 2009.

Below is a tribute written by Professor Rory Fraser.

I write in tribute to Lawrence D. Carrington, the Outgoing Vice-Chancellor of the University of Guyana, someone I came to know in my sabbatical year (2009-2010) and my eight-month visit in 2011.

Yesterday (Friday, January 27), Professor Carrington said farewell to UG the way he came and the way he worked. He was calm, courteous, deliberate, and erudite amidst the swirling acrimony, which seemed to plague every departing VC over the past twenty years. He took the opportunity to thank those “who worked selflessly”, give a state of the institution report, provide some lessons learned, and urge the staff to not lose focus on some of the major initiatives “in train”.

Focus on UG - December Edition

UG benefits from Million dollar book Donation

Over a million dollars worth in books was donated to the University library by two donors, Mr Rupert Hopkinson, Director of the Guyana Reading and Research Center and Mr Mirza Rayman, Director of Nuclear Power Associates in Canada.

Deputy Librarian, Ms Debra Lowe, said that the collection comprised 251 books from Mr Hopkinson and Mr Rayman's personal collection. The combined value of the books is GY$1 665, 240.

At the handing over ceremony, the donors expressed joy at the idea of making a contribution to the university.

Focus on UG - November Edition

Workshop on strategic planning and curriculum review -Explores Agriculture Development in Guyana

The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) with the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry and the Guyana School of Agriculture (GSA) held a four day workshop geared towards the development of Agriculture in Guyana.

Focus on UG - October Edition

Mathematics and Money

Two public lectures held with the aim of sensitising participants about how mathematics can be applied to investing in securities and stocks inter alia were concluded at the Georgetown Club on August, 18 and 25, 2011.

The event, sponsored by the University of Guyana in collaboration with the Guyana Securities Council and the Guyana Stock Exchange commenced under the topics: 'Mathematics and Money, a story of modern finance' and 'Mathematics, Money and Marketing.'