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March 2017

University of Guyana adjusts tuition fees for the 2014/2015 academic year

The University of Guyana Council has approved the proposed tuition adjustment for the institution effective from the 2014-2015 academic year. The adjusted fee applies to both new and continuing students who are pursing programmes which previously attracted a fee of $127,000G.

The application of the new fees was determined following a series of consultations held with current students and other stakeholders in June 2014.

Continuing Guyanese students will pay an incremented increase beginning with $130,000 in 2014, $145,000 in 2015 and $160,000 in 2016, in addition to the $50,000 Facilities Fee, which replaces the various miscellaneous fees, previously paid. Fees for the following programmes will not be adjusted: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Science Degree in Optometry, Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Imaging, Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy, Bachelor of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Sciences, Bachelor of Science Dental Surgery, Masters of Science in

Focus On UG - May Edition

Patricia Poonai is the new Bursar

Ms Holda Patricia Poonai, Guyanese by birth and a UG alumna, assumed duty as Bursar on Friday, May 2, 2014. She is the holder of the BSc in Accounting and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) certification. She is also an affiliate member of the Association. She credits her ten-year experience as a part-time accounting teacher to keeping her abreast with changes in accounting standards.

The new Bursar recently served as finance manager at the National Agriculture Research Institute (NARI). She brings to the job a wealth of experience and careful stewardship in finance management having served in various financial management capacities at NARI since 1994. Ms Poonai served at a time when “financial resources were limited but with stringent control of expenditure the Institute was able to achieve its objectives.”

New public transportation arrangements on the Turkeyen campus

The Administration of the University of Guyana wishes to advice the general public that from Monday, May 12, 2014, only buses registered with the United Mini-Bus Union, Turkeyen Branch, will be permitted to commute on the university campus. This arrangement is a pilot project aimed at ensuring that UG students and staff are guaranteed efficient public transportation service from Monday to Friday between 7:30 h and 21:30 h and on Saturdays from 7:30 h to 17:00 h.

This arrangement is in place for commuters travelling from UG and Georgetown (round trip), and from UG to the East Coast. The new arrangement provides for an introduction of the bus service to the East Coast from 17:00 h to 21:00 h especially for UG staffers

Staff and students are hereby advised to use buses which bear the United Mini-Bus Union stickers.

CARPIMS Scholar Wins Gold

CARPIMS scholar, Kerwin Livingstone, lecturer in the Department of Language and Cultural Studies, School of Education and Humanities, Turkeyen campus, has excelled and won the gold medal for his field at the University of the South Pacific, Laucala Campus, Suva, Fiji. According to Mr Livingstone, "The Inter-Faculty Gold Medal and Monetary Prize were for the best overall results in a postgraduate diploma. There were five recipients of this award: two from the Caribbean (my friend Camille, and I), and

Research Grants Awarded to Staffers

The University of Guyana Science and Technology Support Project(UGSTSP) is based on a US$10M credit from the World Bank to the Government of Guyana. This project is being executed by the Ministry of Education in close collaboration with the University of Guyana.

The objective of the Project is to strengthen the four (4) science and technology faculties at the University of Guyana (Agriculture & Forestry, Natural Sciences, Technology and Earth and Environmental Sciences) to better prepare graduates for jobs in low carbon industries and build sustainable capacity to operate the University and plan for its future growth. The project focuses on improving the quality of science education through curriculum reform, support for research in low Carbon Development areas, improved physical infrastructure and capacity building.

Eight (8) grants have been awarded to

Classes in Chinese Language and Taichi (shadow boxing)

The Confucius Institute at the University of Guyana,  in collaboration with Dalian University of Foreign Languages and Hanban of China, invite staff and students to enroll for classes in Chinese Language and Chinese Taichi (shadow boxing).

Approved courses for foreign language requirement for Academic Programmes
Students have the chance to experience China through camps, scholarships and competitions by learning the Chinese language and culture.

Focus on UG - November Edition

The University is the heart of our nation…

Food for thought from former Chancellor

The University hosted a commemorative walk and breakfast from Queens College to the Turkeyen Campus on Saturday, October 26, 2013 in observance of the institution’s 50th anniversary.

Guest Speaker at the breakfast called ‘Food for Thought’ was former Guyana Ambassador, Head of the Foreign Service, and Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Mr Samuel Rudolph “Rudy” Insanally.
Below are his remarks:

    Mr. Rudolph Insanally

       Mr Samuel Rudolph Insanally

50 years in the life of any organisation is no mean achievement - it is a confirmation of UG’s ability to endure and survive for the next 50 years and beyond.   To its great credit, the University of Guyana continues to produce a great number of our citizens trained and able to take our country into the twenty first century.  On the occasion of its Golden Jubilee,

University of Guyana Marks 50 Years with Genesis 1

Honouring the Past, Moulding the Present, Transforming the Future

The University of Guyana will be 50 years old on Tuesday, October 1, having opened its doors , October 1, 1963.

In keeping with the 50th Anniversary theme, “Honouring the Past, Moulding the Present, Transforming the Future” a conversation style symposium will be held Tuesday October 1 on the Turkeyen campus from 2 to 4pm in the George Walcott Lecture Theatre. 

This panel, the first of 12 planned for the year, will focus on the very early history of the University, most especially its physical location and construction, the thinking and act that created it and the early days at Queens College.

The panellists are expected to be:

  • Phillip Allsopp, who will speak about the construction of the road connecting UG to the main road, the soil testing and foundations of the buildings that he was directly involved in as Clerk of Works in those days;
  • Joseph Holder, who will discuss construction

Focus on UG - September Edition

UG Welcomes New and Continuing Students

A section of the audience at the Ceremonial Opening of the 2013/2014 academic year on Friday, August 23, 2013.

Librarians Trained in Information Literacy

The University Library, in collaboration with Ohio University (OU), hosted an Information Literacy Workshop from July 24 to 26, 2013, on the Turkeyen Campus. Information Literacy (IL) is a set of skills that embraces the entire life cycle of knowing how to define one's information needs, then to find, evaluate, and communicate and effectively use the retrieved information.

Ms Wochna, facilitator, interacting with participants.

On a recent visit to OU, Ms Gwyneth George,University Librarian , was quite impressed with that University’s IL programme and the idea of collaboration with OU in the area of IL was formed.
The Workshop sought to provide personnel from local libraries and information centers with specialised, authoritative, comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge regarding IL as well as to illustrate the critical role of information professionals in the information literacy process.

UG Gears for First International Research Conference on Sustainable Development

The Faculty of Natural Sciences,University of Guyana, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, will be hosting its first International Research Conference, August 12-14, 2013, at the Guyana International Conference Centre (GICC), Liliendaal and the Education Lecture Theatre (ELT), University of Guyana.

Under the theme Sustainable Development: Science Education, Research, Innovation & Enterprise”, the conference will be launched on August 12, 2013, at 09:00 h at the GICC to be followed by theplenary and technical sessions.

The conference will serve as a conduit for the delivery and documentation of the indigenous and collaborative research in sustainable science.