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March 2017

Focus on UG - January 2016

Dr. Dawn Fox

UG lecturer named as inventor in US Patent

Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, University of Guyana, Dr Dawn Fox, has been listed as an inventor on US Patent 9,163,374 issued October 20, 2015.  The patent was issued for an innovative technology: using cactus mucilage as a dispersant and absorbant for oil in oil-water mixtures.  She shares the honour of co-inventor  with Drs. Norma Alcantar (lead investigator), Sylvia Thomas and Ryan Toomey, all of the University of South Florida (USF). 

The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 was recognised as the worst in US history.  It fuelled a surge of research into absorbant and dispersant materials to clean up affected areas.  The present invention consists of employing cactus mucilage as the active ingredient.  Cactus mucilage is an extract from the tuna cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica) also known as nopal.  The mucilage is a natural hydrogel polysaccharide found in many water storing succulents including aloes and slimy vegetables.  It swells in water but remains insoluble and is able to precipitate bacteria, suspended solids and ions from water. 

UG New Admission Requirements

Attention Prospective Students

The Academic Board at a Special Meeting held on November 3, 2015 unanimously approved that the number of sittings as a requirement for admissions be removed from the University of Guyana General Entry Requirement.

The amended University of Guyana General Entry Requirement is now: A minimum of five (5) CXC/CSEC General Proficiency (Grades I & II; and III from 1998) /five (5) passes at GCE ‘O’ Level, including English Language, the subject(s) required for the pursuit of the major, where applicable, and Mathematics for designated programmes.

Statement to the University Community on Recent Fire

On Tuesday, November 24, shortly before 19:00 h, a fire broke out in the office block of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Turkeyen Campus. These buildings housed faculty offices and equipment.

We are extremely grateful that no one was hurt, and are in the process of determining the extent of material damage and loss. The campus is secure and all buildings safe to access with the exception of the site of the fire which has been cordoned off by the Police.

Normal operations, including classes, proceeded as scheduled on Wednesday after electricity was restored across campus.

We would like to publicly express our appreciation to the Fire Service, and the personal intervention of the Fire Chief, and the Police, the many senior Officers and ranks, for their immediate and supportive response to our request on Tuesday evening.

Contingent of young scientists from the University of Guyana to attend research conference

Four undergraduates and one faculty member from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Guyana (UG) will be attending the Florida International University (FIU) McNair Scholars Research Conference at the FIU’s Modesto A. Maidique Campus from October 14 to 16, 2015.


This is the first time in the 12 years of the programme at FIU that the UG has been invited to participate. The students were selected from amongst the best of the undergraduate researchers in each department of the Faculty. Students were required to submit an abstract of their research for oral presentation or poster display for evaluation by the conference committee. All submissions from the University of Guyana to the FIU were accepted.


The students are expected to share their research and explore graduate studies possibilities. Aneska Gaindalall from the Department of Biology, will give an oral presentation of her research on the Antifungal Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar on Malassezia furfur, which is the causative agent for a range of dermatological conditions including dandruff. Dayshawn Billingy from the Department of Chemistry compared the cyanidation process and gravity concentration method for the separation of Gold from its ore. While Sheikh Mohamed from the Department of Computer Science, will present on the usability and security of using video within a

Professor Nigel Harris appointed ninth Chancellor of the University of Guyana

Guyanese, Professor Nigel Harris, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, has been appointed to serve as the ninth Chancellor of the University of Guyana with effect from Augus

UG FLOOD UPDATE (Tuesday, July 20, 2015)

Turkeyen Campus to Reopen on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The University of Guyana Administration announced earlier today that the Turkeyen  campus will re-open on Wednesday, July 22, 2015, reversing  the previous decision to close for two days-July 21 and 22.

University officials have completed the assessment of the campus and have confirmed that fumigation of the area will be completed by evening.

Classes and all other university operations will resume tomorrow on the normal schedule.

We will provide additional updates as they become available.


Office of the Vice-Chancellor

July 20, 2015

Rehabilitation Works Commence

The Administration would like to apologise for all of the construction noise that has taken place over the last few day, particularly around the Faculty of Natural Sciences. For those affected, it was an interruption of your concentration and working hours.

The rehabilitation works on the Faculties of Agriculture and Forestry, Technology, Natural Sciences and the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, under the World Bank funded Science and Technology Support Project has started. This is all part of the university’s on-going efforts to improve its facilities to make them more efficient for students and faculty.

Bibi Shadick appointed Pro-Chancellor

Former Minister and Attorney-at-Law Bibi Shadick, was appointed the eighth Pro-Chancellor of the University of Guyana (UG) at an adjourned Extra-Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

The new Pro-Chancellor succeeds Dr Prem Misir, the longest serving UG Pro-Chancellor who resigned in May 2014, more than one year ahead of the end of his term of office, in pursuit of other professional career goals.

Ms Shadick is a serving member of the University Council and Chairperson of the Guyana National Broadcasting Authority.

Validity of UG's 2014 Convocation

The following question was asked about the validity of UG’s 2014 Convocation: "Is it correct that the university’s Act and Statutes state that it is only the Chancellor or Pro-Chancellor’s duty to confer on the graduands at a convocation ceremony their respective diplomas, certificates, associate degrees and degrees?"


Automated voter machines to be used for UGSS elections

The annual elections for the posts of President and Faculty Representatives for the University of Guyana Students’ Society are scheduled for October 1, 3 and 4, 2014. 

The four student groups contesting the elections this year are: the Students’ Empowerment Alliance, with presidential candidate hopeful Mr Joshua Griffith ( the out-going Senior Vice-President, UGSS); the Students Movement Advocating Real Transformation, with presidential candidate hopeful Mr Andre Chowbay (out-going Assistant Secretary, UGSS), new comers the Students United Movement, with presidential candidate hopeful Mr Denroy Tudor and the veteran Revolutionaries, with presidential candidate hopeful Mr Glendfield Dennison.    

A new feature added to the voting process this year, is the use of automated voter machines (AVMs) -as a pilot/case study - to allow for the casting, tabulation and generation of the statement of polls. The use of electoral technologyis expected to improve the integrity of the vote count,