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March 2017

University of Guyana Announces Major Administrative Changes

At a meeting held on Monday, August 22, 2016 at the Turkeyen Campus, the Finance and General Purpose Committee (F&GPC) of The University of Guyana, the second highest policy making body after the University Council, approved a proposal by Vice-Chancellor Professor Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith to comprehensively restructure the university’s leadership.

Senior Officers on official engagements overseas

Vice-Chancellor Professor Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics), Dr. Barbara Reynolds, have proceeded overseas for two weeks on official engagements. During the first week abroad, the university officials will be attending the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) 2016 Conference of University Leaders, at the Accra International Conference Centre in Ghana.

The conference is being held under the theme: Defining the responsible university: society, impact and growth’. This biennial conference aims to “provide a platform for senior university staff to debate key issues in higher education and explore shared solutions with a diverse range of international colleagues.” Delegates attending the three-day conference, from countries across the Commonwealth of nations, are expected to discuss the impact of universities on innovation, research and development, civil society, funding and access, employment, and the role and place of government and the corporate sector in building the skilled leaders of tomorrow.

UG To Introduce Graduation Fee, Sanction Lecturers for Late Grade Submission and Pay Workers Better

The Finance and General Purposes Committee (F&GPC) of The University of Guyana (UG) at its statutory meeting on Monday, July 11, 2016, took several major decisions as part of efforts to improve the university’s financial condition and services to students.

Among other things, the F&GPC meeting, at which representatives of the University of Guyana Student Society, the University Council, and the University of Guyana Workers Union were present, approved the proposal by Vice-Chancellor Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith to implement an annual graduation fee from November 2016. All eligible graduating students attending the ceremony will be required to pay a graduation fee of G$10,000, while students not in attendance will pay a fee of $7,000.

UG Inaugural Turkeyen Talks scheduled for July 12

The University of Guyana (UG), in fulfilling its mandate to drive informed discussions on pertinent current and looming national and international issues, will respond to the BREXIT issue in its inaugural Turkeyen Talks, on Tuesday, July 12, 2016, from 18:00 h to 20:00 h at Duke Lodge, High Street, Kingston, Georgetown. In fact, the first event was brought forward by a few weeks to contribute to the growing international discussion.

The distinguished and knowledgeable panel will address the topic 'Britain, the EU and the Rest of the World: A Reality Check'. The Panelists are as follows: Prof. Ivelaw Griffith, Vice-Chancellor, UG; Dr Thomas Singh, Senior Lecturer, Department of

Renaissance of The University of Guyana—More than G$14.5m raised during Education Resource Ambassadors Conference

Contributions of cash, scholarships and pledges totaling over US$70,000 dollars or 14.5 million Guyana dollars were among the major outcomes of the first University of Guyana Education Resource Ambassadors Conference, which concluded successfully at the Guyana Marriott Hotel on Saturday, June 25. The three-day conference was held under the theme “Dreaming Resources, Doing Resources”. Participants made a considerable tangible display of passion and concern with their support. This level of fund-raising is expected to continue with several local and international initiatives as part of the strategic resourcing for the University.

This initiative of Professor Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, the 10th Vice Chancellor of The University of Guyana, was aimed at offering some key domestic and Diaspora stakeholders a first-hand view of some of the challenges facing The University of Guyana, including but not limited to, institutional, infrastructural, and technology systems, finance and human resources.

New Vice-Chancellor to Host Meet and Greet Event

Georgetown, Guyana: -- Professor Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, the newly appointed Vice-Chancellor of the University of Guyana (UG), will host his first Meet and Greet with alumni, faculty, staff, students, supporters and friends of the university on Sunday, May 22, 2016. The event will be held at the Education Lecture Theatre, Turkeyen Campus, Greater Georgetown, from 11:00 h to 13:00 h. A complimentary lunch will be provided.

As part of the day’s agenda, Professor Griffith will outline his vision for growth and development at UG though a presentation on Dreaming and Doing Opportunities and Innovation at UG. This conversation with the university’s most important constituents will center around three main questions:

Professor Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith appointed tenth Vice-Chancellor of the University of Guyana

Professor Ivelaw Griffith

The Council of the University of Guyana is pleased to announce that Professor Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith has accepted its offer to become Principal and Vice-Chancellor. Professor Griffith was selected after an exhaustive national, regional and international search, short listing of three candidates and evaluation based on a series of lectures, the candidates’ credentials and an interview by the Search Committee appointed by Council.

Focus on UG - March Edition

Professor E. Nigel Harris MPhil, MD, DM

Ninth Chancellor to be installed in May

The ninth Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Dr. Eon Nigel Harris, will be officially installed on May 11, 2016, at 17:00 h in the George Walcott Lecture Theatre, Turkeyen campus.

Guyanese, Professor Harris, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, took up his new post on August 26, 2015. He succeeds another Guyanese, Dr Compton Bourne, who served from 2009 to 2012.

In commenting on his new appointment, Professor Harris said, "I welcome this opportunity to work with the leaders, staff and students of the University of Guyana community, as well as with government and other stakeholders to forge the growth and success of this institution so critical to the economic, social and cultural development of Guyana and the Caribbean."

Focus on UG - February Edition

UG Task Force calls for bold changes in the operation of the national university

On February 11, 12 and 13, 2016, the recently appointed University of Guyana Transformational Task Force held its initial working session at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown.

The 30-member Task Force comprised representatives from constituent groups of the University, stakeholders representing the Government of Guyana, the private sector, civil society, and regional and international academics and professionals.