Conversion of the building that housed the LRC to the Vice-Chancellery

As the University of Guyana pursues its renaissance, significant strides are being made to improve the lives of students and staff at Turkeyen. Transparent, and sometimes sub-optimal, changes are being made to enhance the campus. One such change is the conversion of the building that once housed the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) into the Vice-Chancellery.

Over the past few years up until mid-2016, the LRC building housed three sets of staff. The Learning Resource Centre on the lower floor, two mid-sized classrooms on the upper and lower floor and two rooms that housed the Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC)-Academics, an Administrative Officer, Personal Assistant and an Office attendant on the lower floor. The open lobby area on the lower floor along with the classroom was sporadically used for interview and committee meetings. Clearly, then, the building labeled the LRC building housed more than the LRC.

In mid-2015, the Finance and General Purpose Committee (FnGPC), UG’s second highest governance body, approved technical staff for the DVC-Academics and additional staff for the DVC-Planning and Development. There was no space to accommodate the incoming staff; the two DVCs at that time requested that that the lower level be converted into two offices. This request was authorized by the FnGPC providing that the DVCs mobilize the resources and ensure there was no loss of classroom space.

In 2016, the DVCs were able to secure a donation of construction services to convert the ground floor of the building, with the intention of recommending changes to ensure no loss of classroom space. One such change was LRC being moved to the Library, a change endorsed by the Librarian. Classes were relocated to the Faculty of Technology, adequately utilizing unused space. Also students are able to utilize the solar-powered multi-purpose classrooms.

On the appointment of the Tenth Vice-Chancellor earlier this year, then Acting Vice Chancellor Dr. Barbara Reynolds recommended that the upper floor of the LRC building be converted to accommodate the Vice-Chancellor, the Chancellor and the Director of Strategic Initiatives. This recommendation was accepted and the DVCs requested the donor to facilitate this additional work.

In sum, the repurposing of the building that once housed the LRC has not meant the elimination of LRC services or the reduction in the number of classes available at Turkeyen. In addition to the classrooms in the Faculty of Technology that now are being fully utilized and the multi-purpose classrooms, new classrooms have been available this academic year in the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Further, the 350-seat Lecture Theatre that currently is in an advanced stage of construction is expected to be ready for use early in 2017.


With a current enrollment of some 8,000 students, The University of Guyana (UG) has graduated more than 20,000 students who have gone on to successful careers locally, regionally and internationally. The University is also a major contributor to the national economy and to business and industry. Established in 1963 on a part-time basis with shared space at Queens College, UG moved to its own campus at Turkeyen in 1970 and expanded in 2000 with the addition of the Tain Campus. It now offers more than 60 Under-graduate and Post-graduate Programmes including the Natural Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Forestry, Urban Planning and Management, Tourism Studies, Education, Creative Arts, Economics, Law, Medicine, Optometry and Nursing. Several online programmes are available and The UG also offers extra-mural classes at four locations through its Institute of Distance and Continuing Education (IDCE). The UG also offers the opportunity for student engagement in debating, sports, and cultural, religious and professional activities.

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October 7, 2016

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