Student Guide

The 2013/2014 Student Guide is a collection of information vital to any student of the University of Guyana. 

Dear Students,
The University of Guyana welcomes you to a new experience in learning and personal development. At Turkeyen and Berbice, we offer you an opportunity to qualify yourselves in the several fields of study that are outlined in our Student Guide and Bulletins. More than that, we offer you human experiences of interaction with your colleagues, your teachers and your mentors which will shape your ability to serve Guyana in increasingly complex ways. Learning in a university community is enhanced by the effort that learners invest in their study, play and socialisation. Achieving personal autonomy within the guiding frames of our regulations permits you to change your horizons and create new visions for yourself and your community. Our physical resources are limited but our intellectual resources will grow because you are with us.

Welcome to UG.