Central Administration

The University's central administration is built around its statutory officers. These are the Vice-Chancellor, Registrar and Bursar. In fact, the Vice-Chancellor is also the Principal of the University; he is both academic and administration Head of the University. He is assisted in his work by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor to whom he delegates specific functions. Also under his purview are the Personnel Office and the Office of Resource Mobilization and Planning.

The Registrar has responsibility for centrally- provided support services such as student admissions, students' records, supervisions of examinations, and students' welfare. He is also the custodian of the University's records, Secretary to its Council and the receiver and sender of correspondence on its behalf.

The Bursar has responsibility for the assets of the University, both monetary and physical. Receipt of monies, accounting for the assets, and maintaining the plant are the areas within the Bursar’s remit.

Together, the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Registrar and the Bursar make up the Central Administration of the University and provide the faculties with much of the support services which are required for the delivery of education by the University.